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At Dazzlepro we’re on a mission to help you smile. Our range of products help you clean, maintain, and whiten your teeth so you can look and feel your best. We back every product with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, which includes our No Questions Asked Warranty and Return and Replacement Policy.


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Clean Case UV Sanitizer - Dazzlepro

Clean Case UV Sanitizer.

The Clean Case is the perfect addition to your normal oral care routine. UV Sanitizer eliminates germs and bacteria in 10-minute sanitizing cycle. Effectively kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria Perfect for dentures, retainers, night guards, mouth guards and oral jewelry 10-minute sanitizing cycle with auto shut-off Lightweight, portable size Uses 2 AA batteries  

Dazzlepro Replacement Brushes - 3 Pack - Dazzlepro

Dazzlepro Replacement Brushes - 3 Pack.

Designed for our Elite and Advanced Sonic Toothbrush models, these high quality brush heads are equipped with specially designed bristles ensuring that your brush is working its hardest to help keep your teeth clean and healthy. Specially designed bristles contour to your teeth to provide effective cleaning Remains gentle on your teeth and gums Reverse side features a convenient silicone tongue brush (Not compatible with Travel Sonic or SlimSonic Models)

Elements Sonic Toothbrush.

Elements Sonic Toothbrush.

Embracing the Elements Your morning “routine” is often far from routine. Commuter traffic, spilled coffee, last-minute laundry—you expertly navigate it all. But with the Elements Toothbrush, oral care is one problem you don’t have to manage. Like you, your toothbrush is a multi-tasking master. With UV sanitizing and tailored brushing modes, this toothbrush keeps your teeth clean without sacrificing good design.

Elite Sonic Toothbrush with USB Travel Case, Sonic Toothbrush, - Vanity Planet

Elite Sonic Toothbrush with USB Travel Case.

The Elite Sonic Toothbrush with UV Sanitizing Charging Case provides the ultimate brushing experience in a compact design that is perfect for travel. USB rechargeable case, full charge lasts up to 40 days UV Sanitizing Case kills germs and bacteria while recharging the unit 40,000 brush strokes per minute for powerful cleaning, whitening and plaque removal 3 brushing modes: clean, dazzle and pulse 2-minute smart auto-timer & area-change alert Includes 2 toothbrush heads