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Hudson and Mane

In a market flooded with inspiring women’s beauty, we set out to create a men’s grooming brand focused on confidence first. Hudson & Mane offers quality skincare, haircare, and body products for men that help you not only look great, but also feel your best. Each of our goods is designed with your routine in mind and we uphold ourselves in offering beneficial ingredients in all our products. Our job is to keep you clean and healthy, so you can look awesome day in and day out. 

At Hudson & Mane, we think confidence looks better on everyone. 

Hudson and Mane

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Hair Fibers - Hudson & Mane

Hair Fibers.

A natural solution to thinning hair, the Hudson & Mane Hair Fibers are tiny, 100% cotton fibers that bond to existing strands of hair giving you the look of thick, full hair a major confidence boost. Hair loss plagues millions of men, so we’ve answered the call by creating this simple, 2 Step System. The Hair Fibers are step 1, but don’t worry, they’re nearly undetectable! Our specially formulated Locking Spray is step 2: it keeps your Hair Fibers in place throughout the day, even through mild rain, perspiration, and windy conditions. Get the Hudson & Mane Hair Fibers, and forget about feeling self-conscious, because confidence looks better on everyone.

Locking Spray - Hudson & Mane

Locking Spray.

The Hudson & Mane Locking Spray is a clear mist that strengthens the bond between your Hudson & Mane Hair Fibers and your existing hair, for longer-lasting results. Already have the Hudson & Mane Hair Fibers? The Locking Spray is step 2. This specially formulated, clear spray is applied after your Hair Fibers are in place. It secures your fibers so they stay rain, perspiration, and wind resistant, so you’ll look sharp through it all.