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healthy. happy. home.

Some would say home is a place. It’s that 1930’s craftsman on the tree-lined street; where you hear the echoing sounds of kids playing at the park a block away. It’s that front porch with the old adirondack chairs where you’ve sipped countless cups of coffee (and probably more glasses of wine). Or maybe it’s the dining room that you always mean to have family dinner at, but it’s usually piled with some mixture of the kids’ homework and unopened mail.

And while we all have memories in these places that we wouldn’t trade for the world, at Vitagoods, we don’t call these places home. We believe that home is far more than a place— but a state of mind.

This is why even though we put tons of effort and energy into making these places that we call home as peaceful and wonderful as our dreams, we place a much higher value on the health and wellbeing of our families.

Home is health. Home is happiness.

When we live simple, healthy lives, we discover a balance that can’t help but make us happy, and that’s what we like to call home.


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Spout - Vacuum Sealed Water Bottle.

Spout - Vacuum Sealed Water Bottle.

Stay hydrated and healthy with Spout by Vitagoods. Our line of reusable water bottles and cans are designed to not only encourage water consumption, but also reduce our carbon footprint. Using your Spout on the daily in place of disposable, plastic water bottles will not not only save you money, it will decrease waste to protect our beautiful planet. Your Spout is perfect for on-the-go hydration as it keeps cold liquids cold and hot liquids hot for hours so you can enjoy them throughout your day. Be good to your body and the environment with Spout. Details: Holds 500ml or 750ml of liquids Keeps cold liquids cold for at least 6 hours Keeps hot liquids hot for at least 12 hours Equipped with double-walled vacuum insulation Silicone grip for a comfortable grip and easy opening Bottle mouth size perfect for filling and drinking Made of durable 18/8 stainless steel Leak-proof seal...

Tare | Digital Kitchen Scale, Kitchen Scale, - Vanity Planet

Tare | Digital Kitchen Scale.

Whether you’re a professional chef or a casual cook, the Tare Digital Kitchen Scale is an easy way to accurately measure food portions, every time. The Tare Digital Kitchen Scale is a great way to get accurate measurements for virtually any ingredient. The scale can measure in grams, milliliters, fluid ounces, and pounds & ounces—no more complicated conversions between measurement units. For those looking to lose or maintain weight, or simply eat healthier, the Tare Digital Kitchen Scale’s precise measurements and clear display make meal preparation a snap. Unlike most other kitchen devices, the Tare Digital Kitchen Scale is easy to clean up—simply wipe the surface, clean, and store.

Travel Pulse Blood Pressure Monitor - Vitagoods

Travel Pulse Blood Pressure Monitor.

Monitoring your health is one of the best ways to maintain your health, and we have good news: you don’t have to visit a physician every time you want to check your blood pressure. The Travel Pulse is a convenient, discreet, and accurate way to ensure you’re always in the know. Its measurements are equivalent to those received by a trained observer using the American National Standard sphygmomanometers, and you get access to the information whenever and wherever you want it. The ergonomic cuff fits wrist sizes 5 ¼ inches to 8 ½ inches in circumference. Heart health is extremely important, and now you can monitor it either on the go or in the comfort of your own home.